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Las Palmas – The cosmopolitan city with the best climate in the world.

10003705_482632405201874_2460838174836929988_ola isletalas palmas skyline

This is just a general introduction to the capital of Gran Canaria and because it is a big city I will break down the different districts into separate future blog posts.

Las Palmas was actually declared the city with the best climate in the world in 1996 by climatologist Thomas Whitmore and was also one of the first destinations for package holidays from Sweden in 1956. Due to its maritime history it has a very cosmopolitan feel. The city is located in the north-eastern part of the island on two bays and has something for everyone.

The Gran Canarian capital has the best of all worlds, beautiful beaches, history, museums, shops, boutiques, culture, restaurants, bars and nightlife.The great thing is that you can visit Las Palmas many times and always have something different to explore.

Thank you for reading and see you in Vegueta next time.


Welcome to Isla Bonita


Hola todos and welcome to the Isla Bonita blog!

In this blog we are taking the opportunity to give you some exciting information about things going on at the hotel, in Puerto Rico and around Gran Canaria. We hope that this will give you some inspiration to book your next holiday with us or a chance to just explore this beautiful island. Happy reading!